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Our experienced web designers will make sure that your site looks great and and earn you the respect you deserve. With a massive portfolio for you to browse through we make sure that you didn’t make a mistake by choosing us we”ve got your back.

From the brain storming sessions , lay out and imaging we work with you so that by that time we are done you understand your site like we do.

All Websites we build are customized to be easily accessible from any device , ie the tablets, androids , laptops or desktops have no fear let the Professional Web Design Company do its best.

2020’s best choices for website builders: comparing 10

Every business comes to the point when it needs a website. Would it be a starting entrepreneurship, which launches online right from the start due to the peculiarity of a business model or it is a long-played offline business, which decides to go online to increase the coverage and gain more clientele – this point in today’s world is almost imminent.


Introduction in website builders

When someone decides to make a website, a choice arises: what’s better – to hire a developer or to find a tool online, which is capable of making (nearly) the same. There is no correct answer to this: everyone has own path. But to make your choice weighted, we are considering ten site builders below, which are perfect to cover almost every need of modern businesses. We will introduce you to their list and features, as well as pricing and tell you more how to choose the best to make your business grow. 


The list of interactive website builders to consider


  2. Wix

  3. Weebly

  4. Shopify

  5. Squarespace

  6. BigCommerce

  7. Zenfolio

  8. Duda

  9. Sitebuilder

  10. Jimdo


  1. Description of a website builder uKit

We place it on the number one place for a reason. Actually, multiple reasons: it is amazingly easy to use, covers all industries of website creators with ease and power, extremely inexpensive, great in support, allows HTTPS, SSL, and mobile friendliness as a basis and for no extra money, great own domain name within every subscription plan, and has a long list of other features, which push it to #1.


Advantages of this best website builder:

  1. Has a tremendous list of functionalities, which come as granted in all subscription plans, unlike other site builders. 

  2. Extremely cheap yet powerful.

  3. You pay for its usage, not paying for other added things like nice domain name, security certificates, and protocols, backup, saves, and loads of others. 



  1. This website maker in South Africa has not one of the most powerful blogging platforms.


The pricing model:

When subscribing on a monthly basis, month-to-month, to this website creator in South Africa, the prices are 5, 10, 12, and 15 dollars a month. When opting for 3, 6, 12, and 24 months in one payment, you get hefty discounts (equal to -5%, -10%, -20%, and -30%), which downgrade its pricing to $3.50, $7, $8.40 & $10.50 a month.


  1. Description of a website builder Wix

It is one of the oldest site builders on the market, allowing its users to do almost the same as uKit but with limitations.



  1. This one of the best website builders is powerful for building sites due to its drag-and-drop.

  2. Easy to use.

  3. Has over 500 templates.


Disadvantages of Wix:

  1. This one of all the website makers costlier than uKit.

  2. Limits you in storage (always) and in bandwidth (sometimes).

  3. Demanding to the power of the user’s PC to work.


The pricing model of the service:

$4.50 for basic cut-down functionality of website creation, $8.50 for the next version of cut functionality, $12.50 to remove branding, $24.50 to add more features, and three versions of e-commerce: for 17, 25, and 35 dollars respectfully.


  1. Description of a site maker Weebly

This site builder is nice for e-stores and basic online marketing. It does beautiful pages and offers its users ease of work.



  1. App store available.

  2. Many nice adjustable features.

  3. There are many plans, which are suitable for basic sites, e-commerce, and blogging.

  4. Has a free-usage plan.



  1. This website builder software limits you in storage in two initial plans.

  2. Does not remove the banners of the site builder in two starting plans.


The pricing model:

If you do not need an e-store in this simple website builder, then you shall opt for one of two plans: a free one and for 5 Euros. The online store comes for 10, 20, and 30 Euros. The first one is a really cut-down version of the second. The third one adds e-mailing in the abandoned cart – the only valuable thing compared to the 20-euro plan. 


  1. Description of a site maker Shopify

Great for e-stores being tuned only in this direction.



  1. This South Africa easiest website builder is fantastic for web stores; has great bulk management of shop items, gift cards, SSL, great reporting.

  2. Does not limit you in the annual sales, unlike BigCommerce.

  3. Connects the POS sales to expand your commerce even further.



  1. Poor for other types of websites – according to many website builder reviews.

  2. Charges the commission for operations.


The pricing model:

For $29 a month, you get the basic functionality from this website builders company, which is hugely expanded when opting for $79 a month. But if you really would like to have everything – go for $299 a month.


  1. Description of a site maker Squarespace

Fabulous for blogging, super great visualization of your website’s pages and has the general external beauty.



  1. This web page builder gives you the most vividly beautiful pages, which are so cool that you want to lick them.

  2. Does discounts when you pay for a year in a go.

  3. Unlimited storage and bandwidth.



  1. This platform to build a website charges 3% transaction fee when opting for the ‘Business’ plan – the basis it proposes for online stores.

  2. Only has two levels of navigation, and the main page is first.


The pricing model:

12 dollars a month for non-e-commerce sites – there are such South Africa website creation services. $18, $26, $40 for e-commerce ($18-plan has a transaction commission, the two others don’t). These prices apply when paid annually. If we’re talking about monthly payments – the numbers rise to 16, 26, 30, 46 dollars accordingly. 


  1. Description of a site maker BigCommerce

It is a direct competitor for Shopify – and some choose it because of the absence of commissions for transactions.



  1. This quick website builder is close to Shopify in its charges – so when you’re pondering between these two, it will be easier for you to figure out.

  2. It has annual discounts (when paying for a year instead of month-to-month billing). 

  3. It does not have commissions for sales transactions.


Service’s disadvantages:

  1. It limits you in annual sales – depending on a chosen tariff plan, it’ll be 50, 150 or 400 thousand dollars a year.

  2. There is a commission for transactions – but only when you opt for special credit card operations via PayPal (a third-party payment gateway).

  3. It is weak for other types of sites but e-commerce ones.


The rated pricing model:

This site builder has three predefined plans: $29.95, $79.95, and $249.95, and one custom plan, the price of which may be designed own specifically for your needs when you opt for it, depending on the things you want and the amount of money in sales.


  1. Description of a site maker Zenfolio

This site builder is a dedicated one for people closely and professionally working with pictures (photographers, users of Photoshop, video artists, and so on).


Advantages of this service:

  1. It is possible to make a website really fast, literally in minutes (and there is the ability to make adjustments further, as you need them).

  2. It is great for uniting many tools of working with pictures, including gallery-making software.

  3. It is possible to easily sell your pics online.


Example of disadvantages:

  1. Specifically tuned at work with pictures, not great for regular websites, where this part is not amongst the strongest sides.


Pricing model:

For $5 a month, get started with a host of unlimited things. For $20 a month, get more priority things + sales. For $30, significantly increase your sales power.


  1. Description of a site maker Duda

It is an easy tool to start your online presence and sell merchandise fast. 



  1. Really long free trial – 30 days.

  2. Simple and flexible.

  3. Many integration abilities, for instance, social media.

  4. Once you can sell even by means of the free account, which is granted to you during the trial period.



  1. The pricing tends to rise swiftly – just in March 2020, it was around 30% cheaper. Who knows how it will rise during the next months/years?

  2. There is no integration to things of third parties, which are not directly allowed by Duda site builder.

  3. No e-mail newsletter tool.

  4. Once you build a website, you cannot connect it to another host.


Pricing model:

You can save 25% when subscribing for a year ($14, $22, $74) compared to monthly subscriptions ($19, $29, $99). Also, there is a possibility to design a custom plan – right for your needs.


  1. Description of a site maker Sitebuilder

This tool is good if you are not looking for any particular sophistication, as it lacks many tools, which make site builders great.


Important advantages:

  1. It is fast to work in & convenient.

  2. It has a free trial renewed every month.

  3. It has simple core features, which one may need for a non-sophisticated website. 



  1. SEO is not powerful.

  2. Marketing is not well also. 

  3. Long-term pricing is not cheap, even Weebly does better, being itself not the cheapest tool.

  4. No access to HTML and CSS.


Pricing model:

It starts with a promo price, which then (after your initial payment’s expiration) is going to turn into regular: 200% from the initial one:

  • $3.84 to begin with (includes no branding and a good free domain name)

  • for $5.99, it’s going to give you a priority support

  • for $9.22 a month, it’ll grant you an e-store.


  1. Description of a site maker Jimdo

It is a very poor-functionality site builder with horrible support and poor knowledge center, which lacks any intuitiveness.


Advantages of performance:

  1. You can build a site but it won’t be of any goodness in 2020.



  1. Terrible support, which can’t directly answer any question asked. When they do answer, they completely misfire, answering the wrong question, which we didn’t ask.

  2. Limits storage, bandwidth, and the number of pages on the site unless you’re opting for the highest-cost plan.

  3. Advanced SEO and stats aren’t coming in all subscription plans unless in premium.

  4. Largely limits your creativity, being too simple, literally not allowing any real depth or width of adjustments.

  5. Deceives you in pricing – when you opt for one, a new page opens to you showing other prices, which may change as they wish.


Pricing model:

It offers a free plan, then goes ‘Start’ for $4.15 a month, after goes ‘Grow’ for $7.20 a month, then ‘E-commerce’ for $9.10 a month, and the line of plans is ended with ‘Unlimited’ for $18.62 a month. But these aren’t for sure – as prices change as they want to.


Why someone needs a website

Before going into the purchase of any subscription plan of this or that site builder, you have to figure out – why you need a website in the first place, what tasks it will solve. Will it be just a business card online, which rise up slightly the solidity of your business or this will be a powerful sales channel, through which you will sell, keep in touch with your customers through the blog, collect their information and have other advanced features? Depending on the answer, you might want differing plans, which will give you varying advantages and have a significant span of pricing. E-stores functionality always costs more than the rest; advanced features are in the ‘middle-priced’ range of subscription (forms, blog, e-marketing, connection to databases and accounting systems, amongst the others), while simply presenting your image online on an informational website is the cheapest option.


Website builders: definition and features

A site builder is a set of software operated online, where the main goal is to make any user able to start a website easy, fast, and for little money (compared to a website building studio). They usually operate on the basis of a monthly subscription. Some of them offer a free-of-cost plan but it usually does not cover any of the most essential needs of users due to its high limitations in functionality.

Users can choose between varying subscription plans of each top website builders in South Africa on their own, considering their needs. Some are interested in blogging or having an online store, while others may find useful creating landing pages to convert prospects into customers with better effectiveness or just to inform their customers about their enterprise: info, contacts, products, catalog, and price lists. You have to carefully go through the subscription plans of each site builder in order to find the best solution for you.


Comparison of a website builder tool and a person/studio

Human builder:

+ Can make any type of site, allowing you not to have any limitations in creativity and functionality, which are almost always inherent to site builders.

+ Not require monthly payments just to make your site running (all you pay here is annual – for domain hosting).

— Very expensive. 

— Time-consuming.

— Require from their clients a detailed description of what they want their site to be like.

Tool builder:

+ You can start working on your own, not having not only any detailed description of the result but also even an idea of what is your goal.

+ You can try a web builder for free in order to understand that this is what suits you (which you can’t with a studio).

+ Cheap and fast way to start your online presence.

— Site builders can’t build just any website.

— You will have to pay to make your site to run on a monthly basis, every month.


The portrait of the clientele of website builders

The users of site builders are:

  • those not wanting to overpay to someone for the things that a free or small-paid tool can do

  • people desiring to start a new website really fast – this is possible in hours or days as max

  • those who aren’t proficient in coding, hosting, working on photos and pictures and other technical issues – as they can rely on proficiency and ease of site builders

  • who can’t or does not want to deal with web making studios for some reason or can’t find a trustworthy one

  • who can do something on their own and is assured that things are going to end well.


What one shall look for when choosing a website builder in South Africa?

There are common things one shall look for when selecting a site builder:

  • suitable pricing: you have to be sure that you’re not overpaying for the things you don’t need

  • a subscription plan must include essential things that are of your need in a future website

  • availability of a big number of templates: as they will be the basis of your work, you shall have a decent choice and categorization based on industry to select a starting point of work, which already covers as maximally as possible the scope of work that needs to be done 

  • ease of adjusting your pages – when you find it hard to work in a site builder without expecting a great result, you should continue your searches

  • nice support center – if FAQ won’t help you out in some question, you resort to client support center – and they have to be open and helpful in order not to leave you abandoned with your question alone.


Tips on choosing the website builder in South Africa

  • good hosting: the uptime of your future website must be as close to 100% as possible not to leave your visitors disappointed by the ‘Temporarily Unavailable’ error

  • load times of best website builder: the faster your pages load on the screen of users, the better will be their loyalty to you and the desire to make the repeated visit, the same as speed is extremely sensitive for SEO issue – for Google ranking in search results

  • coding ability – if a site builder delivers the possibility to adjust its HTML/CSS/JS/PHP code, then you will be able to make the pages of your website more personified – farther than it is possible using just drag-and-drop

  • drag-and-drop, by the way, is the basis of all modern website builders. If it is good and easy enough, you’ll be able to work fast and efficient

  • integration and customization abilities: they are usually represented by the ability to make connections to social media, build forms, insert shortcodes, do the ‘code injection’, pass the collected customer data into some software (accounting, financial or CRM), add apps, add-ons, and widgets.


Frequently Asked Questions about website builders

  • Can I build my first website alone?

Yes. This is the direct aim of site builders – to help users of all technical background to launch their presence online.


  • How much does it cost to launch a website from start to finish?

If you will do it during the trial period, it’ll cost you nothing. After it is over, you will have to pay a monthly fee to make the run of it uninterrupted. This fee should cover an unbranded domain name’s cost – unless you don’t want to dangle around with an unusual and hard-to-remember un-trusted domain name branded with the name of your site builder.


  • Mobile device responsiveness

Putting it shortly, it is a must-have in 2020.


  • Drag-and-drop editors

Drag-and-drop is the basic feature of any site builder – and it helps you out to launch a well-customized site fast, operating with a mouse. 


  • Domain names

A good domain name (for googling, SEO, and customers’ trust) goes without branding with a name of a site maker (so it should not be like ‘http://awebsitebuildersname/’ but rather should be like ‘’).


  • Pieces of advice in SEO

SEO in a website is good for promotion in search engines and it usually contains meta tags, headings in the text, keywords and key phrases, structured content, alt for pictures and videos, sitemap, and other things. So we recommend you to have SEO enabled.


  • Site makers: what are their classification

They can be:

  1. free and paid

  2. allowing download and backup and not

  3. specialized and of the general direction

  4. oriented at professionals and at beginners

  5. powerful and not.



Website Design
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Principles of our work


We always cater to the needs of the web user. whether its entertainment , online store or interactive, we build it in the most effective way as possible.


Web users need quick information and it is our duty as the designers to go straight to the point for a better understanding of what they are looking for.


A great color will make users like your website and want to know more of the services you offer.Additionally your website color should compliment your business and be uniform style.


At Webwix your input is widely considered to influence our creativity. We work as a team blend overthought together to come up with mind blowing ideas that will not only exceed the expectations of your customer but will also exceed your own expectations towards us.

We guide you every step of the way . whether its your first project or you are a pro this outline will give you the best information ideas that will turn your business around for the better as we walk you through the whole production stage.


To establish the preliminary objectives and to determine the scope of your project we review your case at first.


Bringing you results from the first campaign is our goal. Numbers will be crunched to develop the working and the targeted campaign strategies with quantitative goals.


To best deliver your message to the correct audience. we construct a robust platform. By so doing we promote the continuity of your brand across the web for wide responsive functionality.

Web design

Once we have a tangible first draft a link will be sent to you to view the demo , that links also works for progress tracking and suggestions are always welcome prior to the completion date.


Organic content is deployed to sustain and draw vital traffic. Our strategies are always refined by going back to progress evaluation and analytics.


Our campaigns improve from the sustainable measurable results at every process of the stage , Growth is never a end goal but a constant feature of our work together.

Our services

Our services are customized to meet every need of your clientele, if it doesn’t we tailor them for your you. We provide only the services that we know we can execute to the best of our ability without compromising your success.

Your site needs to be easily found by people that matter to you that is the reason why we dedicate our selves and all our time to offer you the service that you want , so as to have the proven results.The growth of your business of your business is our success rest assured we have your back.

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